Uranus, taken in 1986 during the NASA/JPL/Voyager 2 mission.

Hi, I’m Tzu-ping Chung


aka @uranusjr

The first question I get whenever I meet someone who know me as my Internet alias for the first time in person is always the same: How do I pronounce your alias? Well, this is my answer:


I started using uranusjr as my Internet alias since high school because I like Uranus, the seventh planet in the solar system. Uranus is one of the darker, slower, and low-profile planet in our system, but is “quietly eccentric,” being the only planet of the eight that rotates vertically. (I can talk all day about cool things about Uranus, but let’s stop here.)

I decided to take that name, but was disappointed when I found that the alias was taken (of course) in the largest BBS in my high school. I added jr, and have been using it ever since.

So, as you can see, uranusjr is not really a name made to be pronounced. If you really bother to call me a name, just use TP, my initials. I like that.

And you can find me just about everywhere on the Internet by searching for user uranusjr—I’m sure that I am not famous enough to have fake accounts.


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